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By submitting a bid, the Subcontractor represents that the bid is fully responsive to the Owner's Instructions to Bidders, General and Supplemental/Special Conditions, and any other requirements of the Owner unless the requirement is specific to a portion of the work not being bid by the Subcontractor.

By submitting a bid, the Subcontractor represents that the bid will remain open for acceptance for the same period specified by the Owner for acceptance of PHHC's bid, the Owner's payment terms to PHHC are applicable to the payments to Subcontractor, and Subcontractor will provide PHHC with the same indemnity and insurance requirements PHHC is required to provide the Owner.

Execution of PHHC's standard Subcontract is required of all successful subcontract bidders. Subcontractor bid conditions or terms which are inconsistent with the PHHC standard Subcontract shall be void.

Subcontractor is prepared to furnish payment and performance bonds issued by a corporate surety acceptable to PHHC for 100% of their bid amount. PHHC will pay bond premium amounts for such bonds up to 1.5% of the bid amount. Bond premium amounts should be listed as a separate add alternate.

PHHC's standard Subcontract is available for review on its web-site below by clicking "Subcontractor Aggrement" and its Home Office (778 W Town and Country Rd., Orange, CA) during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. By submitting a bid, the Subcontractor represents that it has reviewed PHHC's standard Subcontract and consents to its use without modifications and agrees to execute PHHC's standard Subcontract if awarded by PHHC. PHHC's listing of subcontractor pursuant to Public Contract Code section 4100 et seq. does not indicate acceptance of all the subcontractor's conditions in their proposal. Any listing of Subcontractor pursuant to Public Contract Code sections 4100 et seq. is expressly contingent upon Subcontractor's acceptance of PHHC's standard Subcontract.